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Finding a 120 m2 villa for less than € 250,000 on the coastline still exists in Spain. With 1,080 € / m2, the Algeciras coast is the cheapest coastline in Spain according to our price study in Mediterranean Spain.

Algeciras is the southernmost city in mainland Spain. It is closer to Tangier than other Spanish cities.

The Green Island

The name of the city, Algeciras comes from the Arabic word Al-Yazira al-Jadrā, which means “The green island”. It was the first Muslim inhabitants who named it in 711.

Below is a representation of Al-Yazira al-Jadrā in the 14th century.

Algeciras just 30 km from Morocco

Algeciras is located in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia. The city faces the British city of Gibraltar, on the other side of the bay of Algeciras (for the Spanish) or … of Gibraltar (for the British). By road, it is 100 km from Cadiz, 140 km from Malaga and 180 km from Seville. Two international airports, Malaga and Seville, are therefore less than 2 hours by car. Algeciras is also 30 km as the crow flies from the Moroccan coast and 60 km from Tangier.

A mild climate all year round

The climate in Algeciras is a transition climate between the oceanic and Mediterranean climates. The thermal amplitudes are low, with winters milder than in the rest of the country (14º on average from December to February), and relatively cool summers (21 to 25º from June to September). The territory is subject to high winds, which make the weather very changeable, especially in winter. Rainfall is distributed irregularly throughout the year, with heavy rain in winter and fairly dry summers. Algeciras is also one of the sunniest cities in Spain.


A human presence dating back to… 400,000 years!

Algeciras Bay has been continuously inhabited since Neanderthal man. The city of Algeciras has been an important city since the Phoenician era. It was then a Roman town, invaded by the Vandals, conquered by Byzantium and the Visigoth kingdom. It then passed under Arab domination for more than 6 centuries before becoming definitively Spanish in 1342.

Algeciras Bay and Morocco 1704

The Bay of Algeciras has 290,000 inhabitants (including 30,000 in Gibraltar, a British enclave in Spain). With 120,000 inhabitants, Algeciras is the main city, ahead of La Línea de la Concepción (65,000), San Roque (30,000), Los Barrios (25,000) and Tarifa (20,000, the city is out of the bay but it is often attached to Algeciras ). The population is young: more than half are under 40 years of age.

Algeciras, the first port in the Mediterranean!

The main economic engine of the city is its port. With 102 million tons of goods in 2017, it is the largest in Spain and the Mediterranean in total goods traffic, and the fifth in Europe (ahead of Marseille). It is the fastest growing European port: traffic has doubled in 15 years.

4.1 million passengers also pass through the port: 2.2 million from or to Tangier, and 1.9 million from and to Ceuta. The city is very well known to Moroccans living in Europe who take the ferry to Tangier there, barely 1 hour crossing by NGV (high speed ship) or 2 and half hours by boat.

Beaches and a Natural Park

To the south and north of the port facilities, the coast hosts several white sand beaches: Rinconcillo and Palmones (Kitesurf spot) to the north and, to the south, the beaches of Getares and Bolonia. Beaches that have nothing to envy of the most beautiful Spanish beaches.

Between the beaches of Getares and Bolonia is the Estrecho Natural Park (“of the Strait” of Gibraltar), which stretches over 19,000 ha. The union of the two seas in the strait makes the marine environment a privileged enclave that shelters an exceptional biodiversity. Very mild temperatures distinguish the climate of the area and a dry season marked by a total absence of rain. Since October 2006, the park has been part of the Mediterranean intercontinental biosphere reserve with Morocco.

The lowest property prices in Spain

Our comparative study on the prices of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline carried out in May 2018 shows that the Algeciras area, with an average of € 1,080 / m2, is the cheapest in Spain: two times cheaper than Cadiz or Malaga, three times less expensive than Marbella or Palma, four times cheaper than Barcelona and five times cheaper than Ibiza!

In the most sought-after districts, the average price can rise to 1,700 € / m2 (“La Juliana” to the south of Algeciras) and even 2,000 € / m2 (certain districts of “Los Barrios” to the north) for large villas.

In the center of Algeciras, average apartment prices are less than € 1,000 / m2.


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