The 68 most beautiful Spanish villages

Why not buy your property in one of the 68 most beautiful villages in Spain? Inspired by the association “The most beautiful villages in France”, the association “Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España” brings together 68 Spanish villages selected for the quality of their architectural and natural heritage.

The French association “Les plus beaux villages de France” was created in 1982 and now has 157 members. They were the pioneers of this concept. The Canadians (1994), the Belgians (1998), the Italians (2001), the Japanese (2005), the Romanians (2010) and the Spanish followed in 2011 with the association “Los Pueblos más bonitos de España”, the most beautiful Spanish villages. To be part of it, you must have less than 15,000 inhabitants and have an exceptional architectural and natural heritage.


The Spanish association has 68 municipalities. The Province of Teruel has the most (7), followed by those of Salamanca (6), Burgos, Segovia (4 each), Cadiz, Cantabria, Castellon, Granada, Huesca (3 each), Asturias, Almeria, Caceres, Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, La Rioja, Soria, Zaragoza (2 each), Alava, Albacete, Alicante, Baleares, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Las Palmas, Leon, Lugo, Madrid, Malaga, Navarra, Orense, Valladolid, Zamora (1 each).

The actions developed by the association aim to generate new ways of tourism and social development in the associated municipalities.

In this article we present you 22. If you want to discover more and know all the events and activities offered in these villages, go to the association’s website: Los Pueblos más bonitos de España.

Albarracín (Province de Teruel)

Villages espagne Albarracín (Teruel)

Alcalá del Júcar (Albacete)

Villages espagne Alcalá del Júcar (Albacete)

Alquézar (Huesca)

Villages espagne Alquézar (Huesca)

Ansó (Huesca)

Villages espagne Ansó (Huesca)

Ayllón (Segovia)

Villages espagne Ayllón (Segovia)

Briones (La Rioja)

Villages espagne Briones (La Rioja)

Frias (Burgos)

Villages espagne Frias (Burgos)

Frigiliana (Málaga)

Villages espagne Frigiliana (Málaga)

Lerma (Burgos)

Villages espagne Lerma (Burgos)

Liérganes (Cantabria)

Villages espagne Liérganes (Cantabria)

Medinaceli (Soria)

Villages espagne Medinaceli (Soria)

Mogarraz (Salamanca)

Villages espagne Mogarraz (Salamanca)

Mojácar (Almería) : voir article Mojacar, entre Mer et Montagne

Villages espagne Mojácar (Almería)

Peñalba de Santiago (León)

Villages espagne Peñalba de Santiago (León)

Peñíscola (Castellón)

Villages espagne Peñíscola (Castellón)

Puertomingalvo (Teruel)

Villages espagne Puertomingalvo (Teruel)

Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

Villages espagne Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

Segura de la Sierra (Jaén)

Villages espagne Segura de la Sierra (Jaén)

Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza)

Villages espagne Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza)

Tejeda (Las Palmas)

Villages espagne Tejeda (Las Palmas)

Urueña (Valladolid)

Villages espagne Urueña (Valladolid)

Zuheros (Córdoba)

Villages espagne Zuheros (Córdoba)

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