Housing prices on the coast: Andalusia

The price of real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Spain varies widely depending on the location. The price of taxes to purchase too! So where do you buy to get the cheapest price? Discover it in our four-part study: the third is on the Andalusian Coast.

Buy in Spain, the vast majority of buyers invest on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.  But the purchase prices of apartments or villas are very different in all the various costal areas, ranging from one times to five times the average and the taxes levied in each Spanish autonomous community can vary from one to two times the average.

We propose, through 4 studies, an analysis of these prices and charges from north to south, from the Franco-Spanish border to the Spanish-Portuguese border, through the Balearic Islands. We also give you price elements for the main seaside resorts of each coastal zone studied.

The first study focused on the Catalan coast and the Balearic Islands.

The second study focused on the coast of the Valencian community and that of the Murcia region.

The third study, which is the subject of this publication, deals with the coast of Andalusia.

Finally the fourth study, will summarize the 3 previous ones and will integrate the elements of taxation on the purchase (ITP, AJD on the mortgage) by region.

This may help you choose the location of your future real estate investment, but remember that it will never replace an on-site visit after a selection of properties by your real estate advisor.

Notes: (1) by shoreline, we mean the area distant at most 5 kilometers from the seaside – (2) the advertised price is the average price recorded on April 3, 2018 on the Idealista real estate search site for the dwellings of each coastal area.


The coastline of the Almeria Province, 220 km long, is simply called the Costa de Almeria or Gulf of Almeria. The name comes from the Arabic Al-Mara’ā meaning “the guard tower”.

The province of Almeria is known for its extreme aridity, it is one of the few desert regions of Europe. It suffers the consequences of a microclimate that makes it the hottest and driest point in Europe.

The Costa de Almeria presents a very singular landscape and very contrasted: next to extensive sandy beaches, there are small coves, next to the extremely arid deserts, green oases, plantations and forests, next to the great mountains , great plains and beaches.

Another characteristic is its clear and bright sky. Almeria enjoys more than 3200 hours of sunshine a year, this is the record in Europe. Its climate is subtropical, Mediterranean, hot and dry. The average annual temperature is 19ºC (15ºC in winter, 29ºC in summer), and the water in winter is often warmer than air, making it a prime tourist destination throughout the year. .

The Costa de Almeria hosts 600,000 foreign tourists a year, mostly British (57%). Belgians with 11% of visitors are the second largest foreign clientele.

The British are by far the most numerous European residents to reside there year-round.

The average price of property on the Costa de Almeria is 1250 € / m2.

From east to west, the prices according to the cities:

  • Villaricos – Mojacar 1390 € / m2
  • Almeria 1230 € / m2
  • Roquetas de Mar 1110 € / m2

Price by Coastal Province aguamarga Costa de Almeria Real Estate in Spain


The coastline of the Granada Province, 73 km long, is called the Costa Tropical or Costa Granadina.

This coastal fringe occupies a privileged position. Indeed, being located along the Mediterranean, between the north of Africa and Sierra Nevada, where stand the highest mountains of the Peninsula (the Mulhacen with 3480 m of altitude to less than 40 km from the coast) it is protected from the cold north winds. The climate is subtropical, with 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of around 20 ° C.

Cliffs, coves and vast beaches form the landscape of the Costa Tropical historically coveted by many civilizations, including the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs.

The Costa Tropical hosts 300,000 foreign tourists a year, mostly British, but also German, French and Belgian.

The average price recorded on the Costa Tropical is 1470 € / m2, and in particular for the resorts:

  • Almunécar – Salobrena 1740 € / m2


The coast of the Province of Malaga, better known as the Costa del Sol (it deserves its name “Coast of the Sun” with 325 days of sunshine a year), has a length of 150 km and has 140 beaches.

The climate in summer is hot, with temperatures around 35 ° C. Winter temperatures are relatively mild during the day (around 15 ° C). The average annual temperature is around 18 ° C. Precipitation is very rare (less than 35 days per year on average) but intense when it occurs. The sunshine peaks at about 330 days a year. The coast has a subtropical Mediterranean climate.

All along the Costa del Sol, extends an area with strong tourist potential: calm, warm and transparent waters, as well as a great variety of landscapes, between the sea, the beaches and the mountain.

The Costa del Sol is an important part of the Andalusian hotel offering and concentrates a large amount of tourist services of all kinds.

The largest city is Malaga, Spain’s sixth largest city with 570,000 inhabitants. In 2017, its international airport welcomed 9.3 million passengers on arrival (+ 12% compared to 2016, the largest growth of major Spanish airports), including 8.1 million from abroad and among them 37% British, 10% German, 7% Dutch, 7% French, 5% Belgian and 3% Swiss.

Marbella, 60 km west of Malaga, is the seaside resort where real estate prices are the highest on the Spanish coast along with Barcelona and Ibiza.

The average price taken on the Costa del Sol is 2240 € / m2.

From east to west, the prices according to the cities:

  • Malaga 2120 € / m2
  • Torremolinos- Benalmadena 2050 € / m2
  • Mijas – Fuengirola 2110 € / m2
  • Marbella 3070 € / m2
  • San Pedro – Cancelada 2550 € / m2
  • Estepona – Bahia Dorada 2050 € / m2

Price by Coastal Province Nerja Costa del Sol Real Estate in Spain


The coast of the Province of Cadiz, 260 km long, represents the eastern part of the Costa de la Luz (the “Coast of Light” in French). It is located in the extreme south of Andalusia as well as the Iberian Peninsula.

It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The coastal climate of Cadiz is Mediterranean / African and enjoys an average of 330 days of sunshine year-round. Temperatures are mild in winter and high in summer with an annual average of 18ºC.

The coast has fine sand and long beaches, many of them still wild.

The Costa de la Luz of Cadiz welcomes about two million foreign tourists a year, British first, but also Germans, French and Belgians.

The most important city is Cadiz with 120,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The average price found on the coast of the Province of Cadiz is 1680 € / m2.

From east to west, the prices according to the stations:

  • Guadiaro – The Alcaidesa 2210 € / m2
  • Algeciras 1080 € / m2
  • San Fernando – Chiclana 1470 € / m2
  • Cadiz 2180 € / m2
  • El Puerto de Santa Maria 1740 € / m2
  • Sanlucar de Barrameda 1530 € / m2

The coastline of the Province of Huelva, 120 km long, represents the western part of the Costa de la Luz (“Coast of Light”). It is bordered exclusively by the Atlantic Ocean, and it ends at the Portuguese border.

It enjoys a Mediterranean oceanic climate with Atlantic influences. There are 300 sunny days a year, moderate temperatures in winter and very high in summer with an annual average of 18ºC.

The coastline is home to a series of vast white sand beaches, where water, dunes and pine forests intermingle.

The Costa de la Luz in Huelva hosts around 500,000 foreign tourists a year, mainly British, Portuguese and German. It is a long forgotten destination that has been rediscovered in recent years.

The average price is 1450 € / m2.

From east to west, the prices according to the stations:

  • Huelva 1130 € / m2
  • Islantilla – Isla del Moral 1580 € / m2

Price by Coastal Province Huelva Costa de la Luz Real Estate in Spain

If you want to buy an apartment or a villa in Andalusia, on the coast or in the interior, contact us:

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AndalousiaAlmeriaProvince d’Almeria1250
AndalousiaAlmeriaVillaricos – Mojacar1390
AndalousiaAlmeriaRoquetas de Mar1110
AndalousiaGrenadeProvince de Grenade1470
AndalousiaGrenadeAlmunécar – Salobrena1740
AndalousiaMalagaProvince de Malaga2240
AndalousiaMalagaTorremolinos- Benalmadena2050
AndalousiaMalagaMijas – Fuengirola2110
AndalousiaMalagaSan Pedro – Cancelada2550
AndalousiaMalagaEstepona – Bahia Dorada2050
AndalousiaCadizProvince de Cadiz1680
AndalousiaCadizGuadiaro – La Alcaidesa2210
AndalousiaCadizSan Fernando – Chiclana1470
AndalousiaCadizEl Puerto de Santa Maria1740
AndalousiaCadizSanlucar de Barrameda1530
AndalousiaHuelvaProvince de Huelva1450
AndalousiaHuelvaIslantilla – Isla del Moral1580


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