Housing prices on the coast: Valencia Community and Region of Murcia

The price of real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Spain varies widely depending on the location. The price of taxes to purchase too! So where do you buy to get the cheapest price? Discover it in our four-part study: the second deals with the coast of Valencia and that of Murcia.

The vast majority of buyers invests on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.  But the purchase prices of apartments or villas are very different in all the various costal areas, ranging from one times to five times the average and the taxes levied in each Spanish autonomous community can vary from one to two times the average.

We propose, through 4 studies, an analysis of these prices and charges from north to south, from the Franco-Spanish border to the Spanish-Portuguese border, via the Balearic Islands. We also give you price elements for the main seaside resorts of each littoral zone studied.

The first study focused on the Catalan coast and the Balearic Islands.

The second study, which is the subject of this publication, deals with the coastline of Valencia and that of Murcia.

The third study will concern the Andalusia coast.

Finally the fourth study, to be published in three weeks will summarize the 3 previous ones and will integrate the elements of taxation with the purchase (ITP, AJD on the mortgage) by region.

This may help you choose the location of your future real estate investment, but remember that it will never replace an on-site visit after a selection of properties by your real estate advisor.

Notes: (1) by shoreline, we mean the area distant at most 5 kilometers from the seaside – (2) the advertised price is the average price recorded on April 3, 2018 on the Idealista real estate search site for the dwellings of each coastal area.


The coastline of the Province of Castellon, 120 km long, is called Costa del Azahar (“The Coast of Flowers” (orange or lemon tree) in French, the Spanish word comes from the classical Arabic az-zahr which means flowers).

The Costa del Azahar enjoys the classic Mediterranean climate, mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is 18º. In a few kilometers, we go from beaches to mountains.

The Costa del Azahar hosts 600,000 foreign tourists a year, the majority of French (54%), and Belgians (5%).

There are fewer French-speaking permanent residents, but they are even more numerous than the British or the Germans.

The Spanish real estate crisis of the 2000s hit the Costa del Azahar hard, where developers had built a lot, and many homes are still on sale. As a result, prices are among the lowest in Spain, and there are still great opportunities for purchase.

The average price recorded on the Costa del Azahar is 1280 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the stations:

  • Benicarlo – Peniscola 1500 € / m2
  • Orpesa del Mar 1480 € / m2

The coastline of the Province of Valencia, 125 km long, is called simply the Costa de Valencia. It is essentially composed of long sandy beaches.

The coastal climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is 17º, and there are 2700 hours of sunshine a year.

The Costa de Valencia welcomes 2 million foreign tourists a year, particularly French (29% of foreign tourists, the first clientele), Belgians (5%) and Swiss (5%). Three-quarters of the coastal population is concentrated in the Valencia community (1,600,000 inhabitants). Valencia, alone, is the third largest city in Spain with 800,000 inhabitants.

After the instability generated by the political crisis in Catalonia, Valencia is becoming more and more a substitute property purchase destination in Barcelona for French speakers, and especially the French, both to live in, but also for those in looking for a rental investment. And all the more so as prices are much more attractive than in the Catalan capital.

The average price recorded on the Costa del Valencia is 1460 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the stations:

  • Valencia 1900 € / m2
  • Cullera 1490 € / m2
  • Gandia – Oliva 1160 € / m2

Valencia Community: Coastline of the Province of Alicante – Provincia de Alicante

The coastline of the Province of Alicante is the famous Costa Blanca (the “White Coast”) with its 220 km long, composed of long sandy beaches and rocky shores to the north (as can be found in Corsica) .

The average annual temperature is 18º and there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Precipitation is rare in the southern half.

With 6 million foreign tourists, the Costa Blanca is one of the busiest tourist areas in Spain: the British and Irish make up the bulk of visitors (49%) in front of the French (11%), the Belgians (4th clientele with 5%), not forgetting other French speakers … Algerians (4%).

There is the highest proportion of foreign residents in Spain: one in five. First British, then French, first Algerians before the Belgians and the French (many Blackfoot families have settled since the independence of Algeria). There is also a high proportion of real estate owned by foreign non-residents with the same nationalities as residents.

The Costa Blanca is the most urbanized coastline in the country. One in five real estate sales in Spain is on this coast!

The average price recorded on the Costa Blanca is 1760 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the stations:

  • Dénia – Xabia 1980 € / m2
  • Calp – Benidorm 1990 € / m2
  • Alicante 1540 € / m2
  • Arenals – Santa Paula 1520 € / m2
  • Torrevieja 1490 € / m2
  • Orihuela – Torre de la Horadada 2000 € / m2

The coastline of the Province of Murcia, 250 km long, is called Costa Cálida (the “Hot Coast” in French): it is the place in Spain where the sea temperatures are the highest.

The south of this coast includes the Mar Menor (Small Sea), a lagoon with an area of ​​170 km² is the largest in Europe. The Mar Menor is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a 22 km stretch of sand called La Manga del Mar Menor.

Costa Calida has a microclimate with an average annual temperature of 18º, 3000 hours of sunshine a year and very little rainfall.

The Costa Calida hosts 800,000 foreign tourists, half of whom are British and Irish (as on the Costa Blanca). Then come the French (17%), the following Francophones are Belgians (3%).

Non-resident foreigners who have acquired real estate are half English and then Belgian.

The average price recorded on the Costa Calida is 1250 € / m2. It is the lowest price of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline.

From east to west, the prices according to the stations:

  • Cartagena 1220 € / m2
  • Mazarron – The Azohia 1340 € / m2

You want to buy an apartment or a villa on the Valencia coast (Valencia, Alicante or Castellon provinces) or on the coast of the region of Murcia, contact us:

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We will get in touch with you to give you the best advice and find the villa or apartment that fits your wishes.

Valencia Community / Region of Murcia summary table

Valencia CommunityCastellonProvince de Castellon1280
Valencia CommunityCastellonBenicarlo – Peniscola1500
Valencia CommunityCastellonOrpesa del Mar1480
Valencia CommunityValenciaProvince de Valence1460
Valencia CommunityValenciaValence1900
Valencia CommunityValenciaCullera1490
Valencia CommunityValenciaGandia – Oliva1160
Valencia CommunityAlicanteProvince d’Alicante1760
Valencia CommunityAlicanteDénia – Xabia1980
Valencia CommunityAlicanteCalp – Benidorm1990
Valencia CommunityAlicanteAlicante1540
Valencia CommunityAlicanteArenals – Santa Paula1520
Valencia CommunityAlicanteTorrevieja1490
Valencia CommunityAlicanteOrihuela – Torre de la Horadada2000
Region of MurciaMurciaProvince de Murcie1250
Region of MurciaMurciaCarthagène1220
Region of MurciaMurciaMazarron – La Azohia1340


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