Alicante, Capital of Spanish Real Estate

The Province of Alicante has always been a land of welcome: from its Arab origins (AL-Laquant) to the Blackfoot who found refuge in Alicante after the Algerian war, and today it is the Spanish province which has the highest proportion of foreigners, many of them attracted by a very affordable real estate.

The Province of Alicante, located in the south-east of Spain, has 1,840,000 inhabitants including 330,000 in the capital Alicante. It has the highest proportion (18.7%) of foreign residents of all Spanish provinces. Moreover, 10.8% of the total population comes from other countries of the European Union (British, French, German, Dutch, …) attracted mainly by the climate, the beaches, a great quality of life and … prices real estate among the lowest in the Spanish littoral market!


According to the Ministry of Equipment, Alicante is by far the Spanish province that attracts most foreign property buyers: 16,192 foreign acquisitions in 2016, or 22% of the Spanish total, largely ahead of the province of Malaga (9287, 13%), Barcelona (6737, 9%), Madrid (6125, 8%) and Balearic Islands (5502, 7%).

The average acquisition value of a home in the province of Alicante by foreign customers is 134,000 €, which puts it behind the prices of the Balearic provinces (298,000 €), Barcelona (215,000 €), Madrid (170,000 €) and Malaga (€ 205,000).


So what can you afford with these 134.000 € in the Province of Alicante? Well, there is something for everyone:

  • a village house of 400 m2 to reform
  • an apartment of 70 m2 in Benidorm (with communal pool) with sea view
  • an apartment of 90 m2 in the center of the capital Alicante
  • a villa of 120 m2 in Guardamar del Segura (less than 300 m from the beach)

Our real estate advisors are at your disposal in Alicante and its region.

Calpe – Province of Alicante
Benidorm – Province of Alicante
Guardamar del Segura – Province of Alicante


With more than 20 years of experience in real estate acquisition procedures in Spain, we are at your disposal to assist you with all the necessary steps from the search for a property to services offered after the acquisition. When you are buying a home in Spain we help with organizing the visits of properties, the legal verification of the properties, the obtaining of a mortgage, the administrative procedures and the signature of the different notarized documents.
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