Housing prices of property: Catalonia and Balearic Islands

The price of real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Spain varies widely depending on the location. The price of taxes to purchase too! So where do you buy to get the cheapest price? Discover it in our four-part study: the first deals with Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The vast majority of people invest on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. But the purchase prices of apartments or villas are very different in all these areas, ranging from single digit percentages to five times, and the taxes levied in each Spanish autonomous community can vary from single to double digit.

We propose, through 4 studies, an analysis of these prices and charges from north to south, from the Franco-Spanish border to the Spanish-Portuguese border, via the Balearic Islands. We will also give you price information for the main seaside resorts of each costal zone studied.

The first study, which follows this introduction, deals with the coastline of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The second study, which will be published next week, will focus on the Valencian coastline and that of the Murcia region.

The third study, to be published in three weeks, will concern the Andalusian coast.

Finally the fourth study, to be published in four weeks will summarize the 3 previous ones and will integrate the elements of taxation with the purchase (ITP, AJD on the mortgage) by region.

This may help you choose the location of your future real estate investment, but remember that it will never replace an on-site visit after a selection of properties by your real estate advisor.

Notes: (1) by shoreline, we mean the area distant at most 5 kilometers from the seaside – (2) the advertised price is the average price recorded on April 3, 2018 on the Idealista real estate search site for the dwellings of each coastal area.


Bordering with France, the Province of Girona is a very attractive region.

The coastline, 256 km long, is rocky and fragmented, hence its Spanish name of Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava enjoys a mild climate, typical of the Mediterranean: neither the cold of the winters nor the heat of the summers are extreme. The average annual temperature varies between 14 ° C and 20 ° C. The hottest months are July and August with minimum temperatures of 16 ° C and maximum of 35 ° C; December, January and February are the coldest months, while November is the rainiest.

The average price recorded on the Costa Brava is 2480 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the cities:

  • Roses – Empuriabrava 2570 € / m2
  • Begur – Palafrugell 2710 € / m2
  • Palamos – Aro 2730 € / m2
  • Lloret del Mar – Blanes 2030 € / m2

Certainly the coastal strip where we find the most people in Spain, very concentrated from Badalone to Sitges, through Barcelona, Gava and Casteldefels. It is the most populated area of the Spanish coastline with, of course, the city of Barcelona (1.6 million inhabitants) and … its very high prices!

North of Barcelona, this area is called the Costa del Maresme. South of Barcelona are the resorts of Casteldefels and Sitges. Beaches are essentially urban beaches, right at the cities edge!

The average price found on the coast of the Province of Barcelona is 3330 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the cities:

  • Arenys de Mar – Canet de Mar 2270 € / m2
  • Badalone 2290 € / m2
  • Barcelona 4730 € / m2
  • Gava – Casteldefels 3670 € / m2
  • Sitges 3210 € / m2
  • Vilanova i la Geltru 2170 € / m2

It is the Costa Dorada (the “Golden Coast” because of the characteristic color of the sand of its beaches under the sunlight), a coast of 216 km long very busy during the summer season. There is the theme park Port Aventura (nearly 4 million visitors in 2017) and the Ebro Delta.

Average temperatures range from 7º to 10º in winter and from 20º to 26º in summer

The average price recorded on the Costa Dorada is 1640 € / m2.

From north to south, the prices according to the stations:

  • Calafell – Cunit 1680 € / m2
  • Tamarit – Torredembara 1790 € / m2
  • Tarragona 1840 € / m2
  • Salou – Cambrils 1940 € / m2

From the Costa Dorada, cross the Balearic Sea for the archipelago of the same name.


The Balearic Islands are one of the Autonomous Communities of Spain. There are 4 inhabited islands: Majorca (3640 km2), Menorca (695 km2), Ibiza (570 km2) and Formentera (80 km2). The total population of the islands is 1.1 million. The regional capital is Palma de Mallorca.

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, a bit stifling but tempered by the breeze. On the coasts, the average temperature of January and February is between 10 ° C and 15 ° C, while that of July and August is between 24 ° C and 30 ° C. Precipitation is generally not abundant, it totals 400/450 millimeters per year on the coast.

The Balearic Islands welcomed more than 16 million tourists in 2017.

The average price in the Balearic Islands is 3010 € / m2.

Prices according to the islands:

  • Mallorca 2840 € / m2
    • of which Bay of Palma 3240 € / m2
  • Menorca 2310 € / m2
  • Ibiza-Formentera Islands 5410 € / m2

If you want to buy an apartment or a villa on the Catalan coast or in the Balearic Islands, contact us:

by mail at spainpurchase@yahoo.com

We will get in touch with you to give you the best advice and find the villa or apartment that fits your wishes.

Summary table Catalonia and Balearic Islands

CatalogneGironeProvince de Girone2480
CatalogneGironeRoses – Empuriabrava2570
CatalogneGironeBegur – Palafrugell2710
CatalogneGironePalamos – Aro2730
CatalogneGironeLloret del Mar – Blanes2030
CatalogneBarceloneProvince de Barcelone3330
CatalogneBarceloneArenys de Mar – Canet de Mar2270
CatalogneBarceloneGava – Casteldefels3670
CatalogneBarceloneVilanova i la Geltru2170
CatalogneTarragoneProvince de Tarragone1640
CatalogneTarragoneCalafell – Cunit1680
CatalogneTarragoneTamarit – Torredembara1790
CatalogneTarragoneSalou – Cambrils1940
BaléaresBaléaresProvince des Baléares3010
BaléaresBaléaresIle de Majorque2840
BaléaresBaléaresBaie de Palma3240
BaléaresBaléaresIle de Minorque2310
BaléaresBaléaresIles d’Ibiza-Formentera5410


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